Hi, I'm Hadleigh, and I design covers, chapter headings and promotional materials; I do illustrations, website art, maps and many more arty things for authors, whether self-published or published by a well-known house. I'm also a writer, which is how I got into this business in the first place, so I understand that budgets can be tight, and that the marketplace is immensely competitive. I know the perfect cover needs to fit in with others of its genre, meet readers' expectations, but be different all at once!

I am based in the UK, but now that we all live in the future and have wondrous things like the internet and laptops, I am able to produce artwork for customers all over the globe.

My prices reflect my experience, the software I use and the time I take in crafting your cover art. A simple cover can cost you as little as £30, while an intensively crafted masterpiece can take all week and have a price to match.

Clients include best-selling thriller authors, independent publishers, academics and poets.


Hadleigh Design
Hadleigh.o.charles at gmail.com