Custom Covers

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Basic e-Cover

A simple cover with plain background and text styling of your choice. Covers can be used for Smashwords, KDP, Pronoun, iBooks, Nook and many other stores.

£30 GBP

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e-Cover Plus

A digital cover for Smashwords, KDP, iBooks. Nook, and others made from up to three stock images, with text styling of your choice.

Cost of stock images is not included

£75 GBP

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e-Cover Premium

A cover made from digitally drawn or vector images.

£90 GBP

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e-Cover Super Fantasy

A complex digital cover, digitally drawn and made from many photographic elements.


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Add Print Cover

Add a print version of your e-cover to your order.

Covers can be made for Createspace, Lulu and Ingram Spark

£25 GBP

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Other Artwork

Want a map? Perhaps you require interior artwork, chapter headers or logos. If so, please email me to discuss prices


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